International Student Application Form

All sections must be completed. All attached documents must be scans of originals.

1. Personal Details
International Passport (JPG or PDF files) *
Please, attach a copy of your international passport. The passport should be valid for at least 18 months after the prospective start date.
2. Applicant Contact Details
Full Home address
Mailing Address (if different from above)
3. Educational Information
Information about home institution you presently attend or have attended.
Degree/Diploma/Certificate (JPG or PDF files) *
Please, attach a copy of your diploma.
4. Language Proficiency

Please, note that a limited number of Master and PhD programs are taught in English. Please, submit your english language proficiency certificate.

You are eligible for a Bachelor program or any other course taught in Russian only under the condition that your Russian language proficiency is equivalent to TORFL-1, i. e. Test of Russian as a foreign language, 1st level, for Master programs — TORFL-2. Otherwise you can take a pre-admission course of Russian at our Centre for International Education and Certified Testing. More information about Russian language courses at SibFU

Language Proficiency Certificate(s) (JPG or PDF files)
5. Study Program at Siberian Federal University
Please, tick the appropriate box to indicate the type of the program you apply for.

Please, attach your research proposal and motivation letter.

The following elements must be included in your proposal:

  1. Introduction or background to the research problem or issue, including an identification of the gap in the current research.
  2. Research question and, if possible, a thesis statement answering the question .
  3. Justification for the proposal research, i.e., why the research is needed.
  4. Preliminary literature review covering what others have already done in the area .
  5. Theoretical framework to be used in the proposed research.
  6. Statement of the contribution of the research to the general area.
  7. Proposed research methodology.
  8. Research plan and outline.
  9. Timetable of proposed research.
  10. List of references used in preparing the proposal.
  11. Background of the researcher and their suitability for the task.
6. Source of Financing
How do you plan to cover the tuition fee and accommodation costs during your studies at Siberian Federal University?
7. Arrival Information
8. Information for University use
You can choose more than one variant or write your own.