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International Student Application Form

ALL sections must be completed. Please, print clearly using Latin block letters according to your travel passport. Enclose one set of supporting documents with this application – all documents must be originals or certified copies. This application will not be processed unless full documentation is attached.

1. Personal Details
Passport (JPG or PDF files) *
Please, attach a copy of your passport.
2. Applicant Contact Details
Full Home address
Mailing address (if different from above)
3. Educational Information
Information about home institution you presently attend or have attended.
Degree/Diploma/Certificate (JPG or PDF files) *
Please, attach a copy of your diploma and a transcript of academic records.
4. Language Proficiency
Language Proficiency Certificate(s) (JPG or PDF files)
5. Study Programme at Siberian Federal University
Please, tick the appropriate box to indicate the type of the program you apply for.
6. Source of Financing
How do you plan to cover the tuition fee and accommodation costs during your studies at Siberian Federal University?
7. Arrival Information
8. Please choose one or more
You can choose more than one variant or write your own.
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